Stéphanie Parein has been working as an interior designer since 1989.
With clients in Belgium, France and Switzerland.

Projects are extremely diverse ranging from simply finding a pair of sofas and making curtains to a full remodeling with new kitchen and bathrooms. And that's what makes it fun. It is always new and different. Never repetitive.

"I love to look for rare finds at flea markets and in antique shops. A chair, a vase, a candle holder, a sofa." Stéphanie has a very clear sense of esthetics and these objects always find a happy home. In fact, they often spend some time in her home first.

"I don't want to impose my choices.” Projects start with a visit to the client's home so she can understand their lifestyle. This is vital. It is how she works.
Things have to be esthetic but also functional. Designs are not just about buildings as objects but about the people inhabiting these spaces. Those are the interiors I want to create."

As a decorator, her projects are driven by the vision of the owner and the architect.
I adapt to the place. I keep its soul and richness, its original decor, and try to maximize the space while keeping the architectural characteristics".

Nature’s forms and spirit are her inspiration. Stéphanie likes to use raw and unprocessed materials and natural colors. “But on occasion, a flashy touch can be fun."

Lots of ideas come from her many travels. “I like the purity of the Japanese style; I love the bright colors of India. I always look for new ideas, wherever I am. My work is my passion.

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